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Sourcing Talent by Engaging Candidates: The IQTalent Difference

March 1, 2019

When thinking about the future of your organization, considering the level of talent your employees possess is crucial. Hiring the best talent will have a substantial impact on the result of your company’s success. In order to succeed, you must make a strategic effort to source top talent instead of waiting for candidates to come to you. In a time where there are more jobs than there are candidates, creativity is imperative to sourcing and candidate engagement. Pair that with Collaboration, Calibration, Candidates and Culture (The Four C’s of IQTalent Partners’ Diamond Recruiting Process) and you have yourself a winning strategy.

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The sourcing process means much more than just compiling data from qualified candidates. You have to get to know your candidates on a personal level and build relationships with them while you research (and sometimes the relationship-building process is the research). But the important thing to note about sourcing is when you’re looking to fill a position, waiting for the right person to find your job posting and apply may take substantially more time than anticipated. Here’s how to better manage your time with experiences and testimonials from our team:

IQTalent Employee Experiences with Diamond Recruiting

Collaboration: This is the foundation of the recruitment process as it gives everyone involved a feel for what is expected out of the recruitment experience. When collaborating, you get to see exactly what your sourcing and recruitment process is going to look like and the type of person you’ll be looking for. As a team, you’re able to collaborate and decide what criteria a candidate must have to fill the positions in question.

“Collaboration means getting everyone together to find the best talent by working collectively to utilize our Diamond Recruiting process. The first step of this specialized search process is to collaborate with our client so we can act as authentic ambassadors of our client's culture. We are true teammates, not middlemen brokering transactions."

- Kimmy, Talent Acquisition Associate, IQTalent Partners

Calibration: Once you’ve collaborated on the requirements you’re looking for in a candidate, it’s time to start the search. This part of the recruitment process includes searching for potential candidates that fit your criteria. Once you’ve created your list of talent possessing your required skill set, it’s time to start mining for the diamond level talent.

"Calibration is one of the most critical C’s when establishing a good relationship with our clients and candidates. We want to show the client through our calibration that we understood what they were looking for from our initial conversation (when we collaborated), but also push the envelope to see how wide our bulls-eye can be when sourcing new candidates. Candidates can surprise you, so we don't want to put them inside a too narrow profile. Calibration not only sets us up for success but also establishes a trusting relationship with our clients. Our client understands if we have to re-calibrate during the search to truly find the right fit."

- Alex, Recruiter & Engagement Leader, IQTalent Partners

Staying on the same page as your candidates will play a large role in the success of your engagement and recruiting efforts overall.

Candidates: Next, it’s time to take a fine-tooth comb to your list and pick out the most qualified candidates to fill the role. Review each candidate’s profile, and start to narrow down your candidate pool by matching skill sets to the skill requirements. Once you’ve narrowed down the talent pool to the most qualified candidates, it’s time to measure fit in your company.

"Our Diamond Recruiting process provides both clients and candidates with a highly-personalized process. With any new engagement or potential candidate, we spend the necessary time getting to know each other. As a Recruiter, I want to do know what a company needs from potential employees but also what a candidate needs from a new opportunity to succeed. We’re helping individuals find careers, not just staffing openings."

- Lindsay, Recruiter & Engagement Leader, IQTalent Partners

Culture: Finally, it’s time to align your remaining candidates in the pool to the cultural impact they’ll have on your team. It’s important to measure a candidate’s personality, interests, demeanor and communication style to ensure a proper fit beyond technical skills.

"We want clients to be excited about their hires, and we want candidates to thrive in their new jobs. That’s why it’s important for us to assess culture fit along with skills and experience. Intangibles like personality, work style, and interests all factor in to a good mutual fit."

- Francine, Recruiter & Engagement Leader, IQTalent Partners

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Set Phasers to “Engage”

Welcome aboard Starship IQTalent Partners – where no candidate leaves un-contacted and clients are always kept in the loop. With the Diamond Recruiting principles put into place, it’s time to engage your remaining candidates. You’ve narrowed your pool down to the most qualified individuals, but if you don’t engage these candidates correctly, you may end up losing them. Once you’ve engaged with a candidate, you must discover what motivates them. A candidate’s motivation can have a large impact on whether or not they become a successful employee and align with your company’s values. Staying on the same page as your candidates will play a large role in the success of your engagement and recruiting efforts overall.

No matter what, it’s important to remember the significance of communication in the sourcing and recruiting process. Whether you’re planning the process with your team or engaging with your most qualified candidates, communication will have a massive impact on the result of your recruitment process. Learn more about the Diamond Recruiting process, and how to successfully source and engage top-level talent with help from the team at IQTalent Partners.


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