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Are You a Research Nerd Searching for an Internship?

February 19, 2018

Just a few Sundays ago, an estimated 103.4 million people gathered around their television sets to watch the Philadelphia Eagles face the New England Patriots in the 2018 Super Bowl. It was an exciting game for us here at IQTalent Partners because one of our very own happened to be playing. You read that right. Adam Butler participated in our Nashville-based internship program (and even joined our team) before signing on with the Patriots as a defensive tackle.


While we’re more than a little proud of Adam, we can’t help but extend that pride on to his team here at IQTalent Partners.

Curious what this Super Bowl-playing athlete did before his first season began?

HubSpot Video

Being a CIA for IQTalent’s NERD

The title is as important as it sounds. An agent of the CIA, or Contact Information Assistant, is a college student or recent college graduate who uses tenacity and research prowess to find contact information like phone numbers and email addresses. The hours are flexible and the experience is paid. Our CIA can work remotely or in our NERD, otherwise known as our Nashville Executive Research Division.

Growing with YOU

The NERD will be celebrating it’s 6 year anniversary this May, and in those 6 years, we’ve grown from one employee to more than 50. Because of our NERDs, we’ve watched our business grow over 5x in the last 4 years, and we definitely owe thanks to the work of our CIAs. Obviously we bring on people with potential, and we know how much a good hire is worth. That’s why we work hard to develop our CIAs into IQTalent Partners’ employees. Our program is designed to build on your education and while providing on-the-job skills that translate to jobs within our organization.

This is more than a research internship. This is a chance at starting your career.

Want to Join Our NERDs?

Let’s get to it. Those who do well as a CIA are…

  • Not only great with tech, but LOVE it
  • Can find information on anything (using social media counts)
  • Highly analytical
  • Creative thinkers
  • Ready for a challenge

In exchange for your skills, you’ll get a paycheck and transferrable on-the-job skills all in the comfort of an innovative and fun atmosphere. And, yes many companies consider themselves “fun,” but NERDs take the claim seriously. We can be seen together at happy hours, company kickball and dodgeball games or simply blowing off steam with corn hole and ping pong. We also love our community and have teamed up with local nonprofits for service work.

The best news? We’re hiring! If you or someone you know is ready for an opportunity like a research internship, we want to hear from you. Take a moment to fill out this form and include a quick message about you and your talents.


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