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Powerful Partnerships: One Consultant, Three Offers, One Week

June 14, 2019

How can one IQTP consultant source three candidates for three clients and get out three offers in a single week? The answer is powerful client partnerships and a tiny dose of self-described neuroticism. Vanderbilt graduate and IQTalent Partners team member, Holly McKee, concedes her organizational skills and admitted  “neurotic tendencies” aided in her success, but claims the unique Diamond Recruiting methodology created by founder Chris Murdock is the glue that holds it all together.

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By focusing on collaboration with our clients and understanding their internal culture combined with refining the calibration of candidate profiles, the Diamond Recruiting method results in a smaller number of candidates who have a greater potential to fit the role.

“The Diamond method is the only way to effectively source and recruit the right talent,” says McKee. “Typical high volume sourcing allows recruiters to quantify people, but the IQTP method preserves their humanity.”

McKee views her position as an authentic partner to both the clients and the candidates, working to foster relationships with both of them. She engages candidates on a human level, and she ensures that she intimately understands the needs of her clients and their expectations for every role. By establishing that IQTP is in partnership with the client’s team, she proves we are not another vendor simply performing a transaction.  Managing three searches on two continents for three partners simultaneously could have seemed like juggling cats, but McKee’s ability to form close relationships with the candidates and with the clients paved her path to success.



McKee’s clients, Omnia Partners, Beyond the Dome, and Amazon, all had high expectations and wanted rapid results upon initiating the searches. McKee and the team at IQTalent Partners delivered. In under four weeks, they filled a staff accountant role for Omnia Partners, found a mechanical engineer for Beyond the Dome, and gave Amazon a level 4 logistics and operations manager in France. Three offers went out in one week, which comes close to an IQTalent Partners record for most offers by one consultant within the same week (yes, we keep records like that).

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Chris Murdock, firm founder and Chief Sourcing Officer explains, "Diamond recruiting is the cornerstone of our process. Good results start with great process, and great process starts with solid training.”

IQTalent Partners is constantly creating new and more effective training experiences, refining our methodology, and collaborating with our partners to ensure we mold our services around their needs. Partnerships are built over time through respect and communication. Our client partners believe in the innovative process we’ve created, and they remain a part of our team for years. The partnerships are always powerful, and the results remain extraordinary.

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