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Leadership Unplugged with David Windley

November 5, 2019

IQTalent Partners CEO, David Windley, recently spent some time with Leadership Unplugged while on a speaking engagement at Worldwide ERC in Boston. Having served in leadership roles for most of the last few decades, David offered advice on how leadership has changed, the importance of diversity in team building, and his advice to the younger generation.

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According to David, leadership today is about serving the people you are leading, versus the more traditional model of leaders driving their employees toward an end result. “Leadership is a role that I have for my organization or my team...much of that role is to help with alignment of purpose of that team.”

Leadership has undergone a total transformation over the last generation. It has moved away from the autocratic style of the 20th century and moved toward a collaborative, flexible, teamwork approach with more transparency and diversity of thought. David describes this diversity as “psychometric diversity,” where valuing numerous different perspectives allows the leaders of an organization to come to the most complete conclusions.

Watch David’s entire interview on Leadership Unplugged and find out what he considers the most important advice to the leaders of tomorrow.

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