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IQTalent Partners Named to Hunt Scanlon’s Top 50 List

May 17, 2019

It’s a day for celebration here at IQTalent Partners HQ! The firm was named to the annual Hunt Scanlon Top 50 Recruiting Firms report. In our first year on the list, IQTalent Partners showed the second highest annual growth rate among listed firms. With unprecedented revenue growth of 80% in 2018, our firm ranked 34th overall in a business sector that claimed 14% annual growth and total industry revenues of more than $4 billion last year.

We Just Keep Growing

During our explosive growth in 2018, IQTalent Partners relocated our corporate headquarters from Silicon Valley to Nashville, TN, doubled our office space, and increased staff by 60%. The expansion is attributed to our unique on-demand professional services business model that continues to disrupt the talent acquisition and executive search industry.

“In recent years, we have seen more companies move to develop in-house executive recruiters,” stated CEO, David Windley. “With our innovative model, we can augment those in-house staffs when demand exceeds their in-house capacity. For smaller growing companies who often do not have in-house executive recruiters, we act as their virtual, on-demand executive recruiting team.”

A New Way of Doing Business

By employing a professional services model and leveraging modern recruiting technologies, IQTalent Partners has created a new paradigm in the executive search space. Our trained consultants can complete an executive search at half the cost (and sometimes in half the time) of the traditional commission-based approach. Save money and time? Check.

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Powerful Partnerships

We love our clients and they love us! Our goal at IQTalent Partners is not to provide transactional services, but to build a trusted relationship.

According to Joe Connelly, VP of Worldwide Sales for the UK based firm XMOS, “The quality of candidates [provided by IQTP], and how quickly they forwarded those candidates through, was best-in-class. The final cost was far less than the traditional [commission] model and far less than I expected.”

The Future is Bright

IQTalent Partners plans for long-term growth as demand for efficient talent acquisition and executive search increases while corporate budgets tighten.

“Corporate leaders continue to list finding and maintaining top talent as one of the biggest challenges they face,” added Windley. “By offering effective solutions that can scale to a client’s needs, we expect companies to leverage our distinctive on-demand model even more in the coming years as they position themselves to compete in a growing global economy.”

Curious about how our model can provide more value to your executive search process? Looking for a better way to solve talent acquisition challenges? Contact us today for a consultation.

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