Employee Engagement Through Giving Back

October 7, 2019

Need new ideas on how to engage your employees and keep them excited about your company? Finding ways to give back to the local community creates bonds between colleagues, offers an opportunity for positive PR, and it just feels good!

At IQTalent Partners, we’ve taken community service to another level. Our employee created initiative, internally branded the Nerdnitiative, plans events and fundraisers in which our team can take part. From planting trees to tutoring, we’re out and about in our hometown of Nashville every month finding ways to give back. Beyond volunteering, we give a quarterly financial donation to a worthy local non-profit, and we even open up our hip office space to charitable organizations at no cost.

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The best idea we’ve had so far? Give back AND have a party! This month, we hosted Songs for Survivors after-hours on our office stage (yes, we have a stage) for our employees and their friends to sing karaoke, celebrate with happy hour, and raise funds for a great cause. We raised over $5,000 in cash and wishlist items for the Mary Parrish Center, a local non-profit that provides survivors of domestic abuse with safe and accessible housing and recovery. Included with our donations from our event was a used car which will be given to a family currently staying at the center. We’ve learned that if your corporate culture can combine compassion with fun, everyone wins.

Why is employee engagement so important? Because without it, your best employees may go walking out the door for greener pastures elsewhere. Employee engagement drives performance and engaged employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. With only 32% of employees nationwide feeling engaged, according to Forbes, it’s imperative to take a close look at your corporate culture and how your employees feel about their work environment. We all spend a large amount of time at work and with our work colleagues. Believing in the company and in one’s colleagues is paramount to an impactful work experience. A great place to start your employee engagement? Community service.

If you are connected to a non-profit who would like to form a partnership with IQTalent Partners, please reach out to Stacie Kinder at

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