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10 Reasons To Invest In On-Demand Recruiting

August 19, 2021

Many businesses today struggle with finding ways to transform their recruitment efforts. Numerous organizations continue to use outdated strategies that no longer work in our constantly advancing world of work. After the impacts of the past year, the way we recruit and hire candidates has shifted dramatically. Companies need to embrace new approaches to sourcing, engaging, and recruiting top talent to stay ahead of the competition.

The best strategy for recruiting talent in today’s market is using an on-demand recruiting service. This approach to recruiting allows you to fill open positions with quality employees when you need it most. Businesses will see significant benefits from implementing an on-demand recruiting strategy. Below we break down 10 of the best reasons to invest in an on-demand partner today.

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1. You Can Recruit Candidates Faster.

Hiring the wrong candidates can cause your company significant headaches. Studies show that 76% of executives say they’ve faced blunders or missteps in their recruiting efforts, leading to wasted time, energy, and money. It can be disheartening when you invest a lot of time and effort into training a candidate only for them to be the wrong fit. To prevent this, companies typically extend their process for hiring and onboarding candidates.

However, these delays to your process can cause you to lose out on some high-quality talent. If you move too slowly with interviewing and extending a job offer to a candidate, you risk having competitors snag them up before you can. Additionally, the longer it takes to fill a role, the more likely your company may miss deadlines or delay projects due to gaps in your talent. Sometimes, the right move is to move quickly when you find qualified talent.

With on-demand recruiting, your company has the support of having someone else taking over the recruitment process, saving you time sourcing, interviewing, and screening candidates. This helps you to build out a seamless, effective, and efficient hiring process.

2. On-Demand Recruiters Can Adapt To Fast-Changing Requirements.

Organizations may face unexpected hiring needs due to the demands of their market. Even with forecasting, it can be challenging to predict when the market will be hot again. Your best bet is to invest in a recruitment team that is ready to adapt to a fast-changing industry.

Smaller companies, like start-ups, need flexible recruiting solutions due to their unique needs and budgets. When companies are just starting, it is nearly impossible to dedicate all your time and resources equally between departments. It’s extremely important to make sure recruiting does not slip through the cracks.

With on-demand recruiting, recruiting specialists are ready to hop on and work with your organization at whatever recruiting stage you are in. You may need someone to step in when the market is hot or when you need to scale up your business. No matter the need, on-demand recruiting partners can adapt quickly to your fast-changing business requirements.

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3. On-Demand Partners Are More Affordable Than In-House Talent.

Companies may not always be able to afford an in-house department to scout, hire, and onboard their new talent. So, in many cases, having an external recruiting partner can be a beneficial move. On-demand firms can work independently with clients or different companies to reach their business needs.

Think of on-demand recruiters in the same way as you would any other professional service partner, like an attorney or an accountant. These are business professionals who are flexible and ready to work when you need them, how you need them. Your on-demand recruiters work with your internal team on an hourly basis to help you reach your recruitment goals. This could save your company a lot of time and money, helping you protect your bottom line and keep your finance team happy.

4. On-Demand Recruiting Can Be Used For Short Periods.

If your company only needs assistance for a few months, why would you sign a long-term contract?

Unfortunately, many organizations are stuck signing a long-term contract for short-term use under the traditional recruiting systems. The traditional recruiting firms just don’t offer the flexibility or space to adjust to short-term needs. That’s why on-demand recruiting is different.

On-demand recruiting makes it possible for your firm to work with recruiters for a specified, short period. When you no longer need the help, they will step back and allow you to continue with business as usual. They’ll be there only for as long as you need the help, a few weeks, a few months, or a few years.

5. The On-Demand Model Offers Flexibility.

Not every company needs full-time HR professionals. Having flexibility with HR staff could come in handy for many businesses. On-demand recruiting can help your HR team be more flexible when it needs to be.

This flexibility may include scaling up or down depending on your business needs. In many industries, there are seasons where your HR team can be slammed with a hot market and hiring people like crazy. On the other hand, there may be another season where the HR department is slower and not hiring and onboarding as much.

Not having a full-time recruiting team allows your company to put time and resources into other departments that need more attention. They could focus their time (and budget) on that new project taking longer than expected or on upskilling employees to keep up with market demand.

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6. They Can Meet You Where You Are.

Like we’ve said above, on-demand recruiters are highly flexible. They meet you and your business where you are and are prepared and equipped to help you accomplish your unique goals. With a wide range of experience in a variety of industries, the chances are your on-demand partner has the tools and expertise you’re craving.

On-demand recruiters act as support at your disposal. If the market is hot and your company is rapidly expanding, they’ll be there to help you hire top talent. If your market has gone cold and you’ve scaled back your growth, they’ll be sitting idly by, waiting until you need them once again. No matter where you are in your business journey, on-demand recruiters are available to assist you.

7. Allows You Access To Expertise

In business, it is essential to have a sense of direction, so you know where to go next. But, this can be a difficult task if you are starting from the ground up. Regardless of your current situation, it is nice to have someone to go to for advice and guidance when you need it the most.

On-demand recruitment allows your company to have access to experts in the field. These recruiting professionals have experience overcoming numerous challenges and working with a variety of companies of all shapes and sizes, making them a great resource to go to for all your recruitment needs.

8. On-Demand Recruiting Firms Have Access To Tools, Databases, And Talent Networks.

To achieve your goals, you need access to all the necessary resources. This means having access to the right tools, databases, and networks to make recruiting efficient and effective.

On-demand recruiters have the tools to help you during your talent acquisition process. This typically includes access to recruitment software and the newest tech, different recruitment databases, and a diverse selection of talent networks. With on-demand recruiting, you can eliminate much of the risk in your recruiting process. Having access to data makes it easier than ever for you to make informed decisions about candidates and business processes.

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9. They Make It Easy to Track Performance and Projects.

One of the most important aspects of business is tracking and evaluating the progress of tasks and projects. You need to be certain your tasks are being completed on time and meeting your overall objectives.

On-demand recruiters make it easy to track the performance and effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. Your on-demand partner can track key metrics from each project, giving you a historical overview of the effectiveness of your hiring plans. Using metrics is a finite way to measure and track the performance of employees. It is simply not enough just to complete tasks. Employees must be meeting or exceeding your expectations along the way.

By tracking the metrics behind your hires, you can enforce a higher degree of accountability. This helps you to see what worked well and identify what needs to be improved for future projects.

10. On-Demand Recruiters Create Better Value.

Many companies stress about the cost related to recruiting and hiring. The typical fixed fee per hire can be as high as 20-25% of the salary rate for the open position. In organizations that are just starting or are hiring high levels of talent, this can be a huge hit to your budget.

However, when you utilize the skills of an on-demand recruiter, you can reduce the costs associated with hiring. Since you only use an on-demand recruiter when you need them, there are no fixed rates you pay each month. Rather, you are billed only for the services you need. Additionally, on-demand recruiting generally costs less than traditional recruiting methods, averaging 10-18% of the position's salary.

Many businesses today struggle with transforming their recruitment efforts because they are not adapting to our ever-changing world. ​​For businesses looking to transform their recruiting strategies and expand their headcount while working on a restricted budget, on-demand recruiting will be your saving grace. Not only will you benefit from a wider network of qualified talent, but you’ll also enjoy superior value and guidance from recruitment experts.

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